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John Fluevog

John Fluevog

John Fluevog started as a shoe salesman and while his name doesn’t inspire thoughts of hipness and individuality the John Fluevog line of shoes that he created has inspired exactly that in men and women around the world. The John Fluevog line of shoes is basically distinctive for the simple fact that you won’t find anything that even comes close to resembling the individuality and style he has managed to put into his shoes. Equally interesting to both men and women, the John Fluevog line of shoes has grown large enough and successful enough to spin off a retail of chain of stores found in all the four corners of the planet. Due to the unprecedented unilateral admiration of both men and women, John Fluevog has also created a line of unisex shoes that can be worn be both men and women. Whether it’s boots or shoes, Goth or suit-worthy styling, young or older look, or just a pair of shoes that make the real you come alive, you’ll find something that satisfies at John Fluevog. If you crave footwear that offers the owner both incredible style and fun durability for both men and women then look no further than the John Fluevog line and you will definitely find what you are looking for.

JOHN FLUEVOG SHOES • Shoes to vie for, shoes to die for, Go on, buy one, buy two, buy four! Cool shoes, cool boots, drool shoes, fool boots, Men's shoes, Women's shoes, zen shoes, swimmin' shoes, Sexy shoes, flexy shoes, shoe spray to protec' ze shoes, Funky shoes, funky boots, spunky shoes for hunky fruits, Platform shoes to tower above 'em, platform boots (we know you love 'em), Crazy boots, crazy shoes, blacks, reds, greens, blues, Women's boots and men's boots, too and, babe, those sexy boots are YOU! Fluevogers, man, they're everywhere - they're over here, they're under there! John Fluevog knows his flock is vast, a truly original cast, For Womens footwear, lo, they flock; for Mens footwear, they're into hock. You surf at work? We'll never tell (we know, if caught, you'll burn in hell). When colleagues ask you where you'd gone, say, "Spent my lunch hour on the John". You surf at home? Well, cowabunga! Fluevog feeds your footwear hunga. Surf's up / Chow down: come on in, The water's fine and Style's no sin. "Fluevog" - some just can't pronounce it; Others, hooked, could not renounce it. Misspell it any way you would: "Fluvog" or Flueflog", it's all good. For quality, they can't be beat - and scorn their style? Well, they're your feet. In Vog we trust, all others scram, We are the cure for Fashion Spam, Designer footwear nonpareil, Champion of independent style, And even Open Source Footwear - John's influence is everywhere. Your Fluevogs cast Angelic love (on Earth, dude, as it is Above). Wear boring shoes? No 'Voggin' way! Don't Delay - Fluevog Today! JOHN FLUEVOG SHOES • ("Floovog" or "Flooflog" or "Flufog" or "Flouvog" or "Flueblog)

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    John Fluevog

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